Horse Hill Acres Hunter Pace

Saturday August 6 Mini Hunter Pace, Slow or Go

Registration will open at 7am, first team will be on course at 8am. There will be water tanks in the parking area to fill water buckets.

Sign up is open on the event sign up page, you can also sign up the day of the hunter pace. Please read the directions on how to sign up online. You can pay online or the day of the hunter pace. If paying the day of the hunter pace, cash or checks only. Checks made out to Fran Allender, please. If you sign up online, one person must sign up for any teams. First ride is $20 and any additional rides is $10 per rider.

Examples: Rider A is going to ride to individual rides, cost will be $20 + $10 with a total of $30. If Rider A rides an individual ride and them rides with team member B and C, rider A would have a total of $30 and riders B and C would each pay $20.

Release forms are available to sign online, print and bring with you, or sign the day of the hunter pace. Entry forms are available to print also. We will have the map of the pace to print closer to the pace. Maps and entry forms will also be available the day of the hunter pace.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and I will get back to you ASAP.