We are a family owned farm consisting of 116 acres of rolling hills, open fields, woods and trails. We have worked hard and built a lot of new jumps, including a couple of banks, a water jump and a ditch. Most of the jumps offer height options so there will be a lot of jumps that are small.

My husband and I have been riding in hunter paces for over 20 years (yeah kinda telling our age), and our daughter eventually joined us when she got old enough. Most people knew us as the “red team”.

We have ridden in a lot of hunter paces and have won, lost, got lost, fell off, jumped, not jumped, and most of the time, had a great time. Having done so many, and with a lack of hunter paces in the area, we have decided it’s time for a new place. After riding so many where we had no idea where we were supposed to go (never Stonegate Farm, Jackie does a great job), we know the frustration of being lost. We promise you ours will be well marked. We are going to have a lot of jumpable jumps for the green horses and riders, the “I’m not that brave” riders, and the people who just want to have fun and have some jumps that aren’t big and scary. All of our trails are wide enough for a big tractor and a 6′ brush hog to go through and the footing is good, even when its wet.